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One of my goals this year is to increase creativity in our children’s lives.  They have constant access to art supplies – crayons, pencils, pens, glue, scissors, paper of all kinds, art notebooks, paint and brushes – but the motivation to do something with them seems to be lacking lately.  There are lots of other activities and toys to distract from the quieter, at-home practice of art.  Up until this past spring, they had art classes at their grandmother’s house at least once a week.  Those classes ended for good and I have not intentionally worked art and creativity into our schedule since then.  I would like to change that.  I probably need to do a little art supply organizing to have access a little easier (it is easy now, but there is a bit more “gathering” than is probably needed).  I also want to let them have more access to my sewing machine and fabric.  They have such great ideas about making things.  Perhaps a box with fabric they can use, and permission to use the machine (with a little easier access) – will inspire them (at least the older two) to do some creative sewing.  I have a hard time getting Hythe to be interested in drawing, painting, or sewing.  I would like to try and explore with him what he is interested in creating.  Or, maybe he needs more of a purpose for art and creating than just doing it – a practical project maybe?  Anyway . . . .

I reflected on all this because last week, Anne came home from school very inspired to make a banner for her teacher who’s about to have a new baby (his wife is due any day).  She gathered all her supplies and made a beautiful, sweet banner.  It took her over an hour and I let her stay up past her bed time to finish it.  She was so proud and happy while making it.  She even let her littlest brother in on the fun, helping and encouraging him to make some of the banner and providing paper and materials to draw while she worked.  It was a sweet little scene and made me wish that it was happening more often in our house.  I will work on it!

Tips on working in art and creativity into life welcome!


5 thoughts on “a little creativity

  1. Keeping art supplies handy is such a great thing, then when occasions to create come along, the banner can be made. I think seeing you create is a wonderful model, and that for some kids a practical outcome boosts involvement. We use to encourage drawing and coloring in whatever interest they had at the time (lots of Teenage Mutant N Turtles for one era).

  2. I always preferred to make practical things with art when I was a kid. I enjoyed making pottery cups and bowls that could be used. Practicality of art was definitely a priority for me. It is also a soothing activity, the act of creating and engaging the senses with clay or whatever. Music making also became a soothing activity eventually, and still is.

    1. Thanks, David. I am thinking about getting some wood out and simple hand tools (and some basic safety lessons) to see if Hythe might like to create with that. I guess I could get some clay – I just never think of it. They do enjoy that.

  3. I think with boys it’s easier to get them into pottery / modelling clay, not sure many have the patience to write and draw. Only exception seems to be pirate treasure maps or drawing comics. Looks great what you are doing – good luck with it all!

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