Daily Archives: February 15, 2016

ice ice baby



cutting ice



We have been hiding inside for the last 3 days.  The temperatures have been COLD.  I don’t think it has gone above freezing – and the wind is blowing.  Brrrr.  We’ve not ventured out much, though the girls went horseback riding on Saturday (and came home to be thawed out in front of the fire afterwards), and I went out for a couple of walks.  The one thing, though, that will induce the children outside and get them excited about being outside, is ice.  And, snow, of course, but there’s no snow here now, just ice.  There is ice in the creeks, ice in the springs, ice in puddles.  It is fun to slide on, jump on, crack, cut (with oyster shells), stab (with screwdrivers), and throw.  If I want to get the children outside in this cold weather, I can’t say “let’s go swing” or, “let’s go on a walk”.  I just get moans and “no”s or children reluctantly shoved into coats and boots.  But, if I say “let’s go find some ice”, they rush to get their winter clothes on and are outside before I can pull on my boots.