Play is something I think very important to kids (and it seems like lots of research is backing up that claim, too).  And by playing, I mean using imagination, running around outside, playing games – organized and not, and playing music.  Some days they get to play a lot, some days, not so much.  It depends on school, work, after school activities and schedules.  I try to make sure there is time each day to play music.  The girls practice, and we often put on other music to listen to during the day.  I would love to do more playing music with the girls, myself, but I usually have something else I need to do at the time (like make supper).  But, I am going to work on playing with them once a week – just strumming the guitar or uke with them for a song or two.  I am so impressed with the girls playing and the work they put into it.  Funny how the words ‘play’ and ‘work’ are used together for some endeavors.



We also play lots of games.  Rat-a-Tat-Cat is a recent favorite.  Steven and I will play in the mornings before he goes to preschool.  He loves the game, even though he doesn’t know his numbers yet, much less how to count.  He has figured out the order of numbers, if not the numbers, and knows which cards are good and their ranking.  So, he is fun to play with.  And, I get to teach him how to win and lose graciously. Such an important lesson.  There are also lots of games of cars and trains on the floor.


And, I am so looking forward to warmer weather which will get all of us outside to play more.  None of us but William are really cold hardy, so we tend to huddle inside and even when bundled up don’t love being out in the cold.  We’ve had a taste of a warming a few days ago and it was great to be able to call in the children for supper from their outdoor games of fairy house building and “hunting”.

I loved this moss we found on a walk with Steven the other day.



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