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tree walking

cuttingcutting wood

A few large oak trees came down in the last 6 months in the woods back of our house.  William went up there last weekend to start bucking up the trees for firewood.  The logs on those long straight trunks were too nice to cut up for now, so he just cut the tops for the most part.  He took the boys, who quickly scrambled up on the logs and though the brush, playing.  Another benefit of leaving much of the trees in the woods, is that now, the kids have a new favorite place to go and play outside.  The day was beautiful and at a warm 60 degrees.  I went for a hike while the children played and William worked, but I brought my camera to capture some of the wood fun (and work) and green mossy-ness of the woods.

I kind of like the smell of a 2 stroke engine.  I like watching William weld a chainsaw and maul with ease and skill.  I also love the smell of freshly cut red oak.  Sometimes, I will just smell the cut end of logs just to smell that uncommon, fleeting, woody-ketchupy scent. So, this was a pretty perfect day in that I got great sensory experiences.  It is those moments that are easy to forget – those simple things that are not momentous or memorable, but are simple pleasures of life that are precious and ephemeral.  Maybe that I why I like this blog.  So that I can remember those little things with words and pictures.





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