I sewed up these two rompers last week at the requests of our two daughters.  I made one for Evva last year and she wore it often.  This year, Anne wanted one and I realized Evva’s was getting very short, so I decided to make two.  Anne knew exactly the fabric she wanted and I picked out the fabric for Evva’s.  And, I had a bunch of chambray left from another project to make the yokes and cuffs.  I found the pattern (from Figgy) fairly easy, but not terribly intuitive (and with a few extra, and superfluous (in my opinion) steps).  I made modifications to make it go a little faster and got these done fairly quickly.  I love these rompers and the girls are delighted.  They have been wearing them often since they came off the sewing table, and that is gratifying as well.

Love these cute sisters!



1 thought on “rompers

  1. Molly,
    I love the rompers! You are so good at sewing.
    Evva looks taller and Anne is looking grown up…where did our little girls go?
    Love you,

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