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in the garden

I’ve been picking lettuce and spinach for a few weeks now and it is just perfect to have those fresh greens nearly everyday for supper.  One day this week, William came down to the garden with me and said, “that lettuce looks about ready to pick.”  He did not realize that we’d been eating it for a few weeks already, thinking that I was getting the greens from his sister’s farm down the road.  He was very impressed.  I love lettuces and greens and just put in another sowing.  Actually, Hythe put in this last sowing, insisting that he needed to plant something and coming down to the garden with two packs of seeds – one of cilantro and one of lettuce.  So, I let him plant them.


The potatoes are coming up!  All but one varieties which is a little late.  I also planted tomatoes and will put in the peppers this week, I think.  It is getting warm enough and looks like it will stay warm enough.  Tomato varieties planted: Sungold Cherry, another cherry I can’t remember because but I got at Flying Cloud Farm, Black Krim, Cherokee Purple, a pink tomato, and Paul Robeson.


The fava beans are blooming and the peas are climbing.  The walking onions are starting to make their sets.  I love the funky shapes and lines they make when they are doing this.  It is beautiful.



And, some of my favorite flowers are blooming: the yellow iris in our wetland spring area and the Babtisia (‘Carolina Moon’).


yellow iris