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quick trip to the coast










We made a quick trip (that seems like an oxymoron since the whole visit seemed quick but the travel there and back seemed quite long) to the coast this past weekend.

The weather was beautiful on Saturday, but a bit chilly.  The children played and splashed in the river, and then begged me to let them go swimming!  Hythe was quite angry with me when I told him that, no, I had not packed his swim suit.  It was hard to convince them that getting in that frigid water on a cool day would quickly make them hypothermic (words, of course, they did not understand!).

We celebrated Anne’s birthday a few times over the weekend since we spent most of her actually day driving.  She loved all the attention and gifts.  And, they all loved playing with their cousin.

Sunday was a cool, cloudy day and we took a ferry over to Knott’s Island on the very northeast corner of NC.  The ferry ride was very cold, but fun for everyone.  On the island, I was impressed with the marshes.  The marsh grass was a golden brown and tall.  Blue water wove in and out of patches of the grass and the whole scene was just beautiful.  We visited a historic duck hunting lodge that is for sale, situated near the edge of the marsh.  The place was very odd, but interesting — so much potential, but so much work for whoever buys it and fixes it up.  The barn has 12 bedrooms in the upper floor!  It reminded me very much of the Whalehead Club on a smaller scale.  What could a place like this be used for now?  Private hunting/fishing lodge or home?  Summer camp?  Retreats?  The property (and buildings) have conservation easements on them.  I love the history of properties and especially the history of northeastern NC, so I enjoyed seeing this little part of history – and the whole trip was a bit of an adventure, even if it did mean that we got home about 3 hours later than I’d hoped!