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in the garden: not a lot




ginger lily

We are waking up to chilly, often foggy, mornings here.  The fog burns off and the days are often quite warm (even hot).

Work has been busy for me for the last few months.  School and soccer and music lessons have also started over the last month.  I feel as if I have 2 full time jobs, and I am feeling slightly drained already, though that may be because I am just tired (I hate waking up early, especially after staying up late to have some “me time” – why does school have to start so early?).  So, the garden has been a bit neglected lately.  But, that is really fine since the garden is near its end (at least the summer garden).  A few fall crops, like kale and arugula, are just now ready, but everything else is still too small to harvest.  Weeds are growing everywhere, but I haven’t had the time to get out the weed eater or the hoe.  Maybe today.

My favorite fall flowers are out now – ginger lily, that white orchid-like flower with an incredible scent, and Autumn Joy, the sedum which is so pretty from now till frost.