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in the garden, october







Fall is definitely here – on the trees, in the meadow, in the garden.  We have had some pleasant fall weather of warm days and cool nights, but we also had 11 days of nearly continuous rain.  We needed the rain, but the last 3 chilly days of it pouring down were disheartening.  The sun has come back now and I am back in the garden a bit.  Mainly to pick greens, but I did some weeding after all that rain, too.  The greens are plentiful and delicious.  I am eating salads nearly everyday, and collards and kale are showing up in most suppers.  I will freeze some soon so we will have them through some of the winter too.  I’ve got quite a few jalapenos in the garden still – and the plants have started blooming again!  Of course, they will be killed by a frost before any baby peppers have even form, but they are pretty with the red peppers and white blooms.  And, my marigolds, scattered throughout the garden are vibrant now.  I may need to get out and pick some for a dye bath.  Finally, the pears are coming down fast in the large tree by our house.  I hope we’ll make cider this weekend.