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I am working on getting my sewing area organized.  I have a very small area of our relatively small house for my sewing – and I have 2 sewing machines and a serger, plus loads of fabric, patterns, and notions.  I got more fabric, patterns, and notions from my grandmother over the last few months.  I have also inherited my grandmother’s sewing table (as well as one of those machines mentioned above) which we have no room for at present.  It is waiting in my mother’s house for when we might have room for it – we are hoping to build another room onto the house in the next year.

Anyway, I decided to start with my patterns.  I have “vintage” patterns from my grandmother, recent “big 4″ patterns, and quite a few indie pattern designer patterns.  I have children’s patterns, adult patterns, dresses, tops, pants, skirts, aprons, bathing suits.  The collection was in many bags and boxes scattered around my sewing area and office.  They were hard to locate or appreciate and they were getting more a more beat up every time I went through them. I bought 3” 3 ring binders and heavy duty page protectors, and I started sorting the patterns into age group (or size, I guess) and type of garment. I can now store nearly all of my patterns in these binders on the bookshelf in my office.  And, the binders can set upright as soon as I (or William) change the shelf height of one of the shelves!

For the pdf patterns I own, I keep them on file in my computer where I can sort them by type of garment, where they came from, etc.  I try to print my pdf’s at a local print shop with a large file.  Those patterns, I store in a corner of the sewing area, rolled up.  I usually print out instructions and trace the size I need on tracing paper – so those I am storing in the 3 rind binders.  It seems like a good system so far. I have over 100 patterns, but it seems like a reasonable amount – well, maybe slightly over reasonable, but that’s ok. I got a lot from my grandmother (cool vintage, crazy 80s and 90s – pretty cool Pucci, right?!), and I try to source indie patterns and small businesses.  So, I feel good about the amount of money I spent and how it was spent.  Now, I feel they are more organized and I can appreciate and use them much more!

This is such an improvement from my previous system, and I am happy with it so far.  Now, how to tackle the fabric stash??