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retreat (to sew)

A few weeks ago, I went on a sewing retreat with 7 other women.  I was the youngest by at least 20 years.  And, that was fine because these women were wonderful – kind, fun, and expert sewists.  We got away to a gorgeous lake in the mountains, only an hour from my house.  We retreated to get all the time we desired to sew, uninterrupted.  We also did not have to cook or clean for 3 days!  I spent much of the time sewing in the open, airy, and light space the retreat center provided.   But, I also got out each day in those beautiful mountains to hike, run, and take a dip in the lake.

I came to the retreat with projects ready.  First up was a romper (pattern by Figgy) for Evva.  I bought this pattern because I wanted to make the romper for Evva, but I’m not sure I’ll ever use it again (maybe for the dress, though).  I’ve found that Figgy patterns are not always right, or the explanations don’t make sense, or the construction techniques don’t make sense.  Sometimes they are unnecessarily complicated.  I simplified this pattern a little, but it still took quite a while to make it.  But, Evva loves it.  She wears it quite a bit and says it is very comfortable.


Then, I made a pair of shorts for myself (pattern by Colette) with a great hemp/cotton blend that feels a bit like a linen.  I love these shorts.

picture by Hythe

I made a quick pair of shorts for Anne, so she would have something for herself from the retreat.



One of my goals to was to make a shirt from some cheap (and on sale) material that I found in Hancock Fabrics.  For some reason, I really liked the fabric.  And, I found a pattern in my Seamwork collection that I thought would work well.  I got the pattern cut out before I went on the retreat, and then sewed it at the retreat.  It was such a quick and fun sew and I learned a bit about making v-neck tees.  I love this shirt!  But, I want to hem it a little bit more.


I then made a shirt from a quilting cotton that had fishing lures all over it.  I made it with my nephew in mind, but thought Hythe could wear it until we get to see him.  But, my mom (who was helping with the children while I was gone) was still at home with my nephew when I got home, so I gave the shirt to him as they were driving away.  So, I don’t have any pictures of it.  But the pattern was this one by Oliver+S – made short sleeve.

Finally, I cut out a t-shirt for myself, but did not sew it up until I got home.  It was self-drafted, a quick sew, and I love it.  So comfortable and looks good.  I used a new-to-me technique from the ladies at the retreat to make the collar cuff.


Retreat.  I had not gone off by myself, for myself, in over 10 years.  It was so nice to have all the time of the day to call my own.  To do with what I wanted.  It was a pleasure.  I have the same feeling sometimes when I go to a yoga class.   It is something I want to do more often, and highly recommend.  But, I was also very happy to get home to William and the children, my garden, my home.