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sweet pink shirt, a little boy, and spring




I was looking for a skinny pants pattern for Anne who wanted them to wear for her uniform for school, and I came across a new pattern company, Simple Life Pattern Company (and they are having a sale this week!).  I loved this cute shirt, so I bought that pattern too.  It was instantly a favorite.  I sewed this one up in an organic cotton jersey from Organic Cotton Plus.  I love pink, and I love this shade of pink (I made a little cardigan for myself from the same fabric).  But, this shirt is just perfect.  I made it long sleeve so that it could be worn in winter.  Evva loved the twirl of the peplum and the open back.  It will be in heavy rotation in her wardrobe, and that makes me happy.  Not all my sewing projects, despite the initial gladness the garment excites, make it into regular wardrobe rotation.  I will definitely be making more of these – and dresses too!

Of note this week – the crocuses (or croci) and snowdrops are blooming!!  My favorite sign of early spring.  The sign that gives me hope each year during the cold, gray days of winter.  And, bees were visiting these flowers!  Even though we don’t keep bees, I like that we have flowers for so many months of the year that help feed them.

And, Steven found a water gun from the summer and when I found out (at this moment) I had to explain that he could not shoot in the house – but it was awfully cute.  He also put on a set of glow bracelets from this weekend.  He was wearing a t-shirt I made for Hythe, but that now fits him.  Steven always liked that lightening bolt fabric and used to ask  (in his baby talk) to make one for him.  I never did get around to it, but when I pulled this out for Steven to wear the other day, he said “You made it for me!!”  Yes, baby, I did.  He was so happy.


glow sticks



kids clothes week – my attempt

Last week I participated in Kids Clothes Week where you are challenged to spend one hour a day sewing clothes for your children.  The idea is to find one hour in your day to do a little bit of sewing.  That might be cutting out a pattern, cutting fabric, ironing, or actually sewing a garment together.  And, if you stick with an hour a day for a week, you are likely to end up with at least one finished garment.  Last KCW challenge I did pretty well.  I won’t say I did not do well for this challenge, but I did only finish one garment.  I made Hythe a shirt.

He had been quietly longing for me to make something for him and I had him in a quilting store looking for some marking chalk about two weeks ago.  I found what I wanted and was at the checkout counter where a few bolts of a beautiful fabric with horses painted on it were leaning.  Hythe insisted I get some of the fabric for Anne and Evva.  Then, we turned around while they were cutting that fabric to find that just behind us was a bolt of the most fabulous fish print.  I knew right away this one was perfect for Hythe.  He has been asking to go fishing nearly everyday since spring has arrived (and fishing season has opened).  While we were looking at that fish fabric, Hythe said he would like me to make him something to wear from it because, “Then the fish won’t see me when I am fishing.  They will think I’m other fish and I can catch them.”

So, I made the Sketchbook Shirt from Oliver + S for him – a pattern I already had in my stash.  It turned our really well and he loves it.  He wore it as soon as I had finished it and was quite proud (just the reaction I hope for when I present a hand-made garment).  It also fit well and looked good (I was a little uncertain, thinking it might be too loud).

He has not gone fishing in it yet, but probably this weekend it will see some more use by a stream or a pond.




I think brother wants one next!



lately made

I have completed a few sewing and knitting projects in the last few weeks.  One was the lap blanket that I have been working on for quite a few months now.  A row or two whenever I got a chance was how it got done.  It is just what I wanted it to be.  Perfect size for pulling over your lap to read or watch a movie.  Perfect size to pull over little ones when they are sick and laying on the couch – and we had a lot of that this last week (luckily everyone is well or nearly well at this point).  This blanket has a great weight to it.  It is heavy, but made with a cotton linen blend that is warm, but not too warm.  I love the colors too: brown (from walnut shells), yellow (marigolds), natural, light green (goldenrod).  I just hope the colors have set well because this blanket will need to be washed fairly often, I predict – which means it is getting used and loved.  Just what I hoped.



I also made Anne a quick Easter dress the day before Easter.  I had a simple pattern by Figgy and some printed cotton voile and pink cotton twill in my stash – perfect for this dress.  Anne loved it, but it was a little cool on Easter morn to be sleeveless.  This dress will last all summer, though, and I love the print.  Thinking of what to make myself with that fabric . . .



And, I did make something for myself from the green linen I bought last year.  Watching spring emerge, and the indescribable green that the grass becomes this time of year, made me remember why I was attracted to that vibrant linen which I bought this time last year.  I am sure I bought it because it is the color of spring grass, which to me is a color of life.  Beautiful.

I envisioned a button up short sleeve shirt that I could wear all summer.  Linen would be perfect for this type of shirt and that green in a shirt will not overpower.   I went first to my grandmother’s patterns and found one that I thought would work.  I made a muslin, a few adjustments, and sewed up my first button up shirt.  I was easier than I thought it would be – even all those button holes, I found kind of fun to make.  I wore it on my birthday and am very happy with it.



Next project is jeans!  I have the pattern pieces cut out, but have been too tired every night since I cut them out to do anything with them.  I am also planning to participate in Kids Clothes Week again – next week.  I am planning a few things.  Thinking about t-shirt dresses for the girls, something for Hythe (because I think he felt a little left out when he realized I made the girls new dresses for Easter, but nothing for him), and something for Steven from that lightning bolt fabric  (he keeps asking about it).  If anyone is interested in sewing for children, you should check out Kids Clothes Week.  They have a huge listing of patterns, tutorials, ideas, fabrics, etc. that are great resources and inspiration.


sewing projects






I’ve been doing quite a bit of sewing lately.  I made two nightgowns for my girls, but the one I made for Anne did not fit her (despite measuring correctly and even having her try it on half-way through).  Maybe she had a growth spurt?  So, Evva got two nightgowns which she was quite happy about.  I promised Anne I’d make another one for her.  I have some pretty old cotton lawn that will be perfect for it. It won’t match her sister (which was my goal), but it will feel good.

I also made a pair of shorts for myself a few weeks ago from this Colette pattern, using a brown cotton light canvas.  These shorts are wonderful and fit perfectly.  I am want to make another pair!

I also made the Sorbetto tank from Colette patterns.  I used a beautiful Japanese cotton print that I had left over from the dress I made Evva.  I love this tank–it will be perfect for the summer, and it is super quick to sew up.  I will definitely make a few more of these . . . . maybe in a linen or another cotton print or a pink rayon or silk.

Finally, I am making a large amount of napkins as a joint present for a friend getting married. Guests at a small bridal shower will provide the fabric (I’ll provide the muslin backing). So, I am doing some cutting. I also need to make some napkins for our family while I am at it!