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moment with my boys




I am cherishing these moments with my boys while they are still home so often.  Hythe will start school in August, and will be gone much more because of it.  I am looking forward to it, but also sad that he won’t be home as much, as we won’t have as many of these moments of easiness and just “being” at home.  I love to see these boys play together — which they so often do quite well.  So, I am trying to remember and savor these precious moments.


this moment

Steven fell asleep sitting on his sisters’ laps when they were watching a short video earlier this week.  It was very sweet  (though hard to capture with such low light).   Our children certainly fight and bicker, but there are so many more moments like this where you can see they love each other, care about each other, feel comfortable with each other.  What a blessing.  I am grateful.